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About KMW Tech and Kyle White

Although my career started with an electrical engineering degree and helping to build the VectorTrac Stolen Vehicle Recovery System for Pegasus Technologies, I became more and more interested in software engineering; especially with all of the emerging languages, frameworks and systems designed to help organizations manage their important data. In 2006 I incorporated KMW Tech Solutions to help organizations develop solutions using the latest software technologies (and be my own boss!)

While my software engineering roots are mainly with Microsoft products, I enjoy branching out and learning about all kinds of IT tools, particularly open source. I believe in using the right tool for the job. If the right tool is something I already know, great. If it's something that needs to be learned, even better. Since starting KMW Tech, I have become proficient with the following open source tools:

Favorite Open Source products

which help me not only provide solutions for clients, but also aid in managing my own small business.

In addition to the core Microsoft technologies (.Net, IIS, SQL Server), I feel this gives me a well-rounded set of technologies to choose from when a particular problem is presented. I enjoy problem solving and making organizations' processes more efficient and effective. I especially like to help small business but I've been known to do work for government and large companies as well.

Being an IT professional for over 17 years, I have established a network of talented professionals whom I call upon when the job needs a particular specialty and/or more resources.

When I am not solving a problem for a client, I enjoy spending time with my family, travel, photography, SCUBA diving and woodworking.


Kyle White

Kyle White

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