FI$Cal Web Service Interfaces

FI$Cal web service interfaces
Web Service integration is normally very easy. Interfaces with FI$Cal, however, can be challenging because of the unique nature of the system. Although they provide the benefit of instant access to FI$Cal data, they don’t always conform to the ‘normal’ web service standards. We’ve implemented the INFPC008 web service (which is actually three distinct web services) for DGS and have already run into, and resolved, the issues regarding FI$Cal web service interfaces (which are likely common to all FI$Cal web services).

As with file interfaces, we have templates to quickly provide .NET based applications the ability to consume web service interfaces published by FI$Cal. We provide a ‘wrapper’ dll which makes it super easy for your .NET developers to use the web service in Windows and web applications. We also provide a testing tool which is essential to determining if a problem is with the legacy code or with the web service itself.

If you have a requirement to interface a .NET application with a FI$Cal web service interface, we can make that happen quickly.

If you need file based interfaces to FI$Cal, please check out the File Interface Staging Engine page.